Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bad Day

So I have had one of the worst days I've ever endured. First off let me say that I am not complaining. I have a blessed wonderful life, but happened to have some bad luck and bad karma today. Kato, here, illustrates my anguish. I am not sure why the forces of the universe have merged on my ass to release it's fury, but I hope that I have fulfilled my debts for a long while. I hope that I don't twitch at every turn for long. Here's a summary:
Weighed myself(what? how much? How did that happen? Oh, depression), parking tickets, boss's lost dog, found dog, caked-in mud-dog, washing crusty muddy dog in pouring rain, late for prepaid yoga class because of dog, and then one more thing happened that I can't mention, except to say that not even tequila would have helped me at that point. I became a trembling mass of patheticness.
But I do feel a lot better now, believe it or not. And tomorrow will be a wonderful day!!! Hey, I could be soooo much worse off. I know that 3/4 of the population of the world would love to have my tiny little problems.


AllBeehive said...

You can't tease us with awfulness and then tell us that you can't say anything! That will only lead us to guess at what possibly could have occurred. Did you poop your pants? Pass gas during yoga?!? What?

saffry said...

I was going to post something to cheer you up, but I can't imagine anything better than Christy's comment.

We've all had days where the world crashes down, and anger at ourselves, our boss/co-worker, or the insane person on the freeway makes us want to hurl things viciously about the room. Luckily, you have yoga and kitties, sure remedies for angst.
I just hope the "unmentionable" was a one time thing, and not something that will continue to cause you grief.

Hope today is wonderful!

Dez Ambrose Root said...

Oh yeah? Think YOUR day was BAD?... I saw not one- not TWO, BUT THREE 'Bush/Cheney '04' bumper stickers on my way to work today. Of course 2 of them were on a huge SUV travelling a few knots faster than me. Then I get to work & our supposedly "random & unbiased" jukebox kept playing Eminem songs. I didn't get my morning coffee until after 10 AM and when I got home I got nothing but bills in the mail and my Netflix movie had a scartch in it which affected playback. Top THAT missy.