Sunday, April 30, 2006


Mark and I went to Seth MacFarlane's house party. Seth McFarlane is the creator/producer of Family Guy. I think it is very cool and generous for Seth to throw such a grand party for his worker bees and friends. It was pretty wild and very crowded! There was more food and booze there than I have seen in one place in a while. Mark and I drank much alcohol in the form of bear and gin gimlets. Seth's house is gorgeous, of course, with an incredible baby grand piano, lovely pool, and a view of the San Fernando Valley. Last year Joe Vaux, a co-worker/artist for Family Guy, somehow, mysteriously, ended up in Seth's pool. Was he going to end up there again?? Was anyone else going to have the cojones to follow his daring example? YES! My fiance and Young Beck, pictured here. No not a child version of the singer/songwriter who sang,"I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me." His name is Young Beck.
Mark and I met another couple who's names are also Mark and Joy. The four of us are
pictured here too. Mark(the other Mark) and I were both born in the Philippines, and there were many other weird close links that were much more interesting with alcohol in my brain.
Also, a nice pic of Joe, Nikki, and Karen on the couch. Aren't they cute?
And a picture of Mark and me. Aren't we cute, too?


AllBeehive said...

Wow, fun party. Hitting the town in L.A. good for you. I want all the crazy stories that you couldn't put on the blog. Was Seth Green there?

Dez Ambrose Root said...

Meeting another couple named Mark & Joy at a party in L.A. proves you were trapped in a David Lynch movie.

Watch for "Inland Empire" later this year! Wooo-Hooo!

"Gimme a "D".... Gimme an "A"..... Gimme a "V".....