Monday, May 01, 2006


Saturday morning I drove to downtown Los Angeles to paint with a small group, including my new friends Jennifer and William, who are both excellent artists. It was an area where two major highways connect right next to the LA River/Gutter/Wash, and it was very loud, dirty, and cold. It was a fantastic spot for painting though. We then went to China town for lunch, where I had fish ball soup. I was afraid at first, but it was so yummy.
Here are pictures of the horrible no-reason-for-it traffic jam on the way, Chinatown, and the 8X10 painting I did.


saffry said...

I like your L.A. paintings. We got so caught up in the donut discussion that I missed seeing the Back yard one until a few days later. You're finding the beauty in L.A. after all.

Dez Ambrose Root said...

Thank You Amy for noticing & commenting on these these wonderful L.A. paintings. Seriously, you could take say 100 artists, all of them talented mind you, turn them loose in an urban setting like this and and I guarantee you these paintings of Joy's would be the best of the lot. You simply need more than ability as a quality fine artist, you need an eye for good composition, and the foresight to make the ordianry become special & plus you have to have the confidence, the belief in yourself to pull it off. All this comes with much sweat, risk, tears and loss of sleep. The battle is never truly over, but Joy is so well armed. These paintings and their appeal are not easy to pull off.

paintrly1 said...

Wow, I am blushing. Thank you for your thoughts, Dez!