Saturday, May 06, 2006

Cato and Clouseau

I had to share this picture of my wacky cats. They are such amazing creatures. I love how they seem to need habit. Same feed me time, same sleeping time, same sleeping places, same catnip time, same play with me time. And they never seem to mind my habits, like waking them up constantly to snuggle them, or picking them up constantly. Clouseau is still getting used to being held. The only way he seems to tolerate it is when I sling him over my shoulder like sack of lemons.


ks1k said...

Neat kitties. You never knew Smokey and Pokey, but I will fill you in on them sometime.
See you soon

Dez Ambrose Root said...

I've a jar of ether I use to handle my kitties without fuss. I just pop it open & place it in the room where they're relaxing & in a few moments I can carry them all over my apartment trouble free. I'm currently developing a low-voltage fingerless glove for this purpose as well. Similar to a common "Joy Buzzer", you wear it on your hand & "pet" the ususpecting feisty quadruped with a small electrical charge, gentile enough to stun them into being held & handled without all the fuss.