Saturday, May 27, 2006

More Florida

Here are some pictures of Richard and Judy Carrell's gorgeous house in which I had the pleasure of staying. One is the view of the Gulf of Mexico I had from the balcony of my room. One is the view of the exterior of the house from acroos the street. One is of the amazingly decorated interior! Wow.
Also, the paintings I did on the second day of painting. First, a painting of the salt marshes as seen from the side of the highway. Perhaps a scene which will not be there next year due to development. So sad. I learned that landowners can 'fill in' the marsh, home to elegant birds and many other wild critters, and build a house, hotel, or restaurant there.
Second, a shrimp shack/plant structure near the marina in Apalachicola. I loved the cool noontime light on the white walls, and how the only natural thing was way in the background. And, of course, the truck.
Third, the salt marshes there at sunset, with the muted dusky colors.
I painted that day from 7am to 9pm, and I was so jazzed, but still slept like an exhausted log with no dreams.

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