Sunday, May 07, 2006

LA Gripe Weekly

I took this shot while I was washing my boss's car at the Sunset Carwash in West Hollywood. There is this wall of ads that you get to look at while watching the car get hand wiped. At first I thought this ad was for an actress or headshots like most of the rest. Maybe an escort service.... maybe motorcycle repair....slutty boutique. Oh, of course, it's for real estate! Right! A woman who is trying to look younger than she should, straddling a motorcycle (huh?), with her hands in her crotch, and a come-hither look. I'm thinking,"Yeah I suddenly want to buy a house from her. I will trust her with hundreds of thousands of dollars... Must be how she has taken control of the bike..."
Seriously, you have no idea how living in a land where this is commonplace can affect you. It can be subtle, but it is pervasive and unrelenting. At first, I was under the spell. Now, I am happy to say, I am getting stronger. Burbank and West Hollywood seem to be the worst. I live in one and work in the other.


Dez Ambrose Root said...
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saffry said...

You should come up North with me. Some of the TV I watch is Canadian. The ads and news reports are as unglamorous as wallpaper paste. Right now they're advertising the World Tulip Fest in Ottawa. That's our nearest city btw. Two hours away and the capitol of another country.