Friday, April 28, 2006

Cato and his Toys

I bought Cato this toy which has a ball that rolls around in this blue circular track. The idea is that the cat will bat at the ball and be entertained by the ball moving around in the track. The woman at the pet store told me that it's a sure bet! Her cats love it. Well, Cato was not impressed at all. I even got the ball rolling around for him, but still no action. He just stood next to the toy and gave me a look that said,'Oh, poor dumb human.'
Of course, he loves a crumpled up piece of paper. Free.
Also free was a white wooly catnip thing on a string toy that was given to me. Cato is a catnip addict. He is a member of CA, catnip anonymous, and we support his struggle to control his 'problem.' So here is a pic of Cato enjoying his fix.


Dez Ambrose Root said...

I have a syringe & a vial of liquid catnip & give my two feline's their fix intravenously. I saw this cool package in a local pet store entitled "Cat Smacks". It had a photo of a cat with those spiraling kaleidoscopic spinning eyes. The tagline read "Tap right into your Cat's Fun Zone". So I bought it & it really works. They also had a similar product "Meow Fix" with an adustable inhaling apparatus for cats but I thought the needle would be easier.

paintrly1 said...

HA! I don't dare tell Cato about the cat smack. He'll be out of control.