Sunday, April 09, 2006


Mark has a new blog now! I think he is going to use it as a stricktly art blog. We went out painting yesterday, and it was a beautiful day! The only drawback was a sewer main nearby. I set up my easel far away from the offending sructure. Here is the study that I did of some eucalyptus trees. I love these trees, and luckily they are everywhere out here. I am not posting Mark's painting, because it is better than mine, and that will be obvious when they are side by side. You will have to keep checking his art blog to see his fantastic art.
We met up with Jennifer and William and a few other artists near Griffith Park. you would never know it from my painting, but I was right next to Interstate 5 and a bunch of soccer fields, right across from the La River(Gutter) and a factory.


ks1k said...

Look what I found on a google search. Good work.
See you soon.

Dez Ambrose Root said...

I love the red in the top part of the trees. I've seen eucalyptous trees when I visit my sister in the Santa Cruz area, about 5 hours north of where you are. I think you've chosen the right colors which actually match the way they smell. Great Work! You are the best!