Friday, April 04, 2008

I Popped!

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No, the title doesn't say 'I pooped'. Even though that would be exciting news for a pregnant gal. It seems if you want that kind of thing, you should go here. Sorry, Christy!

About a week ago, after we got back from our trip, I woke up one morning and *ka-BAM*, there it was. A brand new belly popping on out there, saying hello.

The little ninja has been really kicking it out in there.
Being pregnant has really made me aware of many things. Like how much of an ego I really have, and that I have some more work to do in letting go of it. And my competitive nature, which I also thought I had taken care of. I will not let pregnancy be another way to compare myself to other women. Which then makes me aware of how I want to be a good role model for our son, so he can know and appreciate a confident, loving female energy.

I am also aware that I am coming to terms with a body that is doing it's own thing. I am eating the best foods, exercising every day, and I am still turning into a Venus of Willendorf. I trust completely that the divine power that made this new life and continues to help it grow also knows the best way for my body to grow and nourish it. And I love meditating on that magical energy running through me and surrounding the little guy.

I am also becoming very aware of the fact that many of my internal organs are being evicted from their usual places and finding new ones. Now that's a new feeling!


Kristin C. said...

You look so beautiful! Look at that little tummy!! I love it!

Have you been able to bust out the yoga?

Also, thanks for adding me to your List of Blogs that you read. :-)
It's pretty exciting.

ks1k said...

That's my BABY ! Getting ready to have a baby. Now I really feel old.