Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Studio

When Mark started his hiatus from Family Guy, I was kicked out of the studio so he could work on his paintings without my interruptions and sudden hug attacks. I moved my laptop to the dining room table, which had already been pushed up against the wall for some painting lessons I was giving a while back. Now I have started painting in the 'dining room' too. Eventually, we will both be out here painting because the studio will become bedroom for when the Little Ninja needs his own room. So there will be the Big Rearrangement, where we move the studio, bedroom, and nursery around. That is a subject for another time.

I have been going through a whole load of changes with being pregnant and having TEN TIMES the amount of hormones a normal human has. 24 hour morning sickness, tiredness, no physical activity, dangerously low placenta, feeling very chubby, feeling bad for not working, clothes not fitting, felling better, energy!, comparing myself to skinny pregnant women, play-dough skin, feeling Baby Boy squirming around, peeing every 20 minutes, can't sleep on belly anymore, feeling amazed and blown away that I have a person in my body. All in one day. I love it.
But throughout those months, I wasn't painting. People would ask me, "Have you been painting?" A logical question because I have all this time now, but it felt like an deep cut to me. Mark was painting like a madman, and I was sitting here on the computer, walking, practicing yoga, or eating. What was wrong with me? I wasn't inspired to paint the things I usually want to. I was so cold all the time that I couldn't even think of going out to paint. I felt even more useless.

I reminded myself that painting is pretty much my only skill(other than making a sinfully good cookie), and I had better keep it up. And I wanted our son to see his parents working hard at their passions no matter what. So I grabbed my paints and set up a little studio in the dining room and painted a pretty pathetic painting. It felt good. I am averaging a little study every other day. I will post them soon.

I feel so much better now. I am not embarrassed and can say, "Yeah, I have been painting." Plus I work right by the window where I can look out on the bird of paradise tree, hear the birds singing, and reach over and do this:

Here is the messy new studio and my little workspace with a study in progress.

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