Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Me, Me, Me

Inspired by the great, funny list posted by Kristin, and having no other ideas, I will give you some interesting tidbits about ME.


1. was born in the Philippines on Clark Air Force Base. This makes it very hard to do my astrology chart.

2. gave myself a hernia when I was 3 or 4 from riding my Big Wheel too much. I still have no core muscles. Honestly, I don't know how I stay upright.

3. never had any of the childhood diseases. A recent blood test proved I am immune to the Chicken Pox without ever having contracted it. Yes, I am like the guy in Unbreakable.

4. was a tomboy. Never liked dolls, and am so relieved we are having a boy.

5. always knew that I was an artist.

6. believed in Santa Clause until I was 9 years old.

7. lived in Italy as a kid. Air Force Base again.

8. don't keep very good track of my possessions. I buy things, only to discover that I already had it. I lose things all the time.

9. can see myself as a surgeon, astronomer, psychotherapist, or a genetic engineer.

10. am afraid of heights.

11. haven't eaten anything that had legs since 1988.

12. hate the eyebrows I was born with. I spend a whole lot of time grooming them.

13. have one green eye and one brown eye. That means I am a mutant.

14. have an IQ of 146. And it's sad that I know that and put it in a list. Even sadder that I still get right and left confused.

15. love, love, love to eat. If I am at dinner with someone who hardly eats, it bugs me to no end. Eat, dammit.

16. kiss my cats on the mouth. It smells like ass, but I love it anyway.

17. HAVE to write everything down, or I WILL forget it. See, that IQ is useless.

18. don't know why I have so few friends here. Any ideas?

19. am most proud of my hands, out of all my body parts. Oh, and my neck.

20. don't have many talents or interests other than art, but I will listen to your problems until you feel better.

21. always kept bad jobs and wrong boyfriends too long.

22. love it when nice people are touchy - huggy. Warm fuzzies.

23. have wanted to have a baby for 7 years.

24. can roll and curl my tongue, have hardly any earlobes, and can spread all my toes apart. I guess I have other talents afterall.

25. am always disappointed when I get no comments on my silly blog.

Well, there you go. That was 30 minutes well spent! Please tell me something about yourself!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone I really do know. Great that you found out that you have an immunity to chicken pox.
Have you been painting much lately?
If you have any memories of Italy,
you should draw some.
You sound like you are bored.
Wish you guys were closer to us.
Talk to you soon.


Kristin C. said...

NICE! That was great, I'm so glad you did it...I especially love the one where you gave your self a HERNIA riding your big wheel too much! That is crazy! If I were in CA we would totally be friends...we could do yoga together and play outside. It's hard to make new friends as you get older...everyone is so busy with life and sometimes it can be difficult to make time for someone you don't know very well.

ks1k said...


Yep. It must have been really weird growing up when others asked you where you were born and you said theP P.I. I hope you still have some birth certificates.

I think that you had two hernia episodes that were somehow related to BIG Wheel riding. I always had my doubts. After the first one when Mom and I went to the hospital room to see you after the surgery you were up and playing with the other kids. Amazing recovery.

They had to put you in a bed with a cover on it before the surgery. They knew you would climb out of it. Smart hospital folks in the Navy hospital in Naples, Italy.

You were amazing as a young'n. You were never sick. The first time you vomited you were old enough to know that it was something that was not correct. You were a couple of years old then, I think.

I still believe in Santa. Oops, I am Santa :-)



ks1k said...


1. I often wondered what other kids thought when you said you were born in the P.I.

2. I believe that you had two hernia episodes that were supposedly related to the Big Wheel. I always had my doubts that there was any direct relation.

When they put you in a bed in the Naples, Italy, Navy hospital they put you in one that had a plastic canopy so that you could not hop out. Smart people there.

When Mom and I came to see you after the surgery you were already up and playing with the other kids in the ward. Ya can't keep that gal down.

3. You were so healthy as a child. The first time you threw up you were old enough to know that it was not a good thing. Maybe 2 years old. Amazing. You were unbreakable.

6. I believe in Santa. Oh, I AM Santa. :-)

7. Yes, you lived in Italy and spoke Italian like a native. You once had to ask Mom how to say "pane" in English.

25. You have some comments on your blog now.

paintrly1 said...

Thanks, Dad!
I always loved telling people I was born in the Philippines. I felt more unique.

AllBeehive said...

Having known you since roughly 1983 (really could it be?), I have to say that there are 2 things in this list that I did NOT know. 1) The hernia incident and 2) a surgeon? I had no idea. The others I can totally see. Having just spent 2 weeks in a hospital, and having seen every episode of grey's anatomy, I could Never be a surgeon.