Sunday, April 27, 2008

26 Weeks

Here you go. The latest evidence. I love the pic on the right because Mark took a lower angle accentuating belly mass, and I really pushed the belly on out there. I feel like my belly growth has been quite dramatic in the past three weeks, and I fear that if this rate keeps up, I will be in big trouble. Also, I can tell that Baby Covell is fattening up in there, as my appetite has increased. Unfortunately my stomach is being squished, and I can't eat very much. So I eat very little bits all day long. And I have cut out all refined sugar. Well, with the exception of a very few treats.
Speaking of sugar, I have to do the glucose test for diabetes this week. I have to drink some sugary syrup, wait an hour and then they will take some blood and hopefully tell me I am not diabetic.

And in a week I will be officially in the third trimester. Wha? Already? We better get our act together and start getting the apartment prepared!

All in all, this past month has been so incredible. I have energy and can keep up in yoga classes. And finally I appear obviously pregnant to people, which is so cool. It's amazing how many folks smile at you and even say, "congratulations!" Or just glance at the belly. I feel the little guy kicking and flipping around, usually when I am in savasana, right after I eat, or trying to go to sleep. And Mark has finally felt the kicks from the outside. But He is definitely getting more and more active. His main work now is to fatten up, keep making brain cells, and building his lung strength and functions.

It still does not feel real. I cannot clearly imagine what it is going to be like, how everything will change. I hope I have the brain power to handle it all. I hope I have the strength and zen to keep it together. I hope I can give all I can give and still be my own person. I visualize what it must be like for the little man to be in this dark, warm, squishy place, and to know nothing else. Does he feel my emotions? Does he have the awareness to know I am here, all around him, protecting him, feeding him, thinking about him?


Kristin C. said...

WOWZAS, you have really POPPED! You look sooooo good, so healthy and glowing. I bet the little guy loves going to yoga with you.

You're going to be such a great nurturing and supportive. Your creative house will be such a wonderful place to grow up.

saffry said...

You look so beautiful!!! And the flippy, dancing feeling is just about the best thing ever. I still miss it.

Don't stress about the diabetes test. It tastes just like orange soda. Although if you get a positive and have to do the second test, the quantity is MUCH higher and a bit hard to swallow.

Dave said...

hey! quite the progress. baby boy bump is growing out of a bump and into a hump! you look so happy, vibrant and well, pregnant. we are so excited for you two...ahem, three.

AllBeehive said...

You are so pretty! I wish I could see you and hug you and nuzzle up against that belly.

paintrly1 said...

Thanks, everyone! You are all the sweetest! I am happy to share my pregnancy with you, even cyberly.

ks1k said...

You go girl! Lookin' good.