Thursday, June 01, 2006

Last of Florida

Here are the rest of the paintings from Florida. Pretty soon they will be on the website, along with other new paintings.
The portrait is of my host, the generous, gracious Richard Carrell. He and his equally generous, gracious wife, Judy housed me while I was there painting. The cottage is the childhood summer home of Judy. I painted that picture (and the portrait) as gifts for them.
I hope all these Florida paintings prove to show my experience there. A little pain, much sweat and hard work, and much celebration. I was taught so much by my fellow artists and by the wonderful folks I met there.


ks1k said...

OLD DAD just looked at all the pictures and photographs. Good work Joy.

saffry said...

As my browser was loading, the flowers came up first, and I actually exclaimed aloud because they were so beautiful. Thank you for adding to the pretty things in this world.

Dez Ambrose Root said...

As testimonial to your skill as a painter & eerie knack for GREAT & FLAWLESS composition, you manage to make flowers & gardens look really awesome & NOT gay! You don't over do them- so they look realistic, but you paint them so lovingly, they look very appealing like I want to actually be there.