Friday, June 16, 2006

outdoor wedding

Does anyone have any ideas about how to spruce up an outdoor wedding? I didn't want to go get a book with the same old ideas. I would love to use ideas given by my brilliant, creative friends!! Mind you, I have barely any money, but would like to have a little fun. I posted this picture because I thought, 'Oh, no. I don't want it to be THAT drab! I know that I am an artist, but I fail when it comes to decorating ideas.
The ceremony will be in front of the Island Inn on Monhegan, with about 15 invited guests. There will be many more spectators, though. I will have chairs, and I was thinking of putting some flowers and ribbon on the chairs. Mark and I will be standing on the stairs to the porch during the ceremony. I plan to have flowers on the stairs. I would like to have something above us, but not an arch kind of thing. Any ideas?!
I just want it to be as romantic visually as I will be emotionally!


saffry said...

I think part of the difficulty is that so much of the charm of the Inn is it's rustic, weathered look. So the typical bride decor of white tulle or satin wouldn't really fit.

Could you hang something from the inside roof of the porch to be a backdrop? Strips of fabric or ribbon that would flutter. Or a painted canvas. Or a fishing net with fake lobsters and buoys.

paintrly1 said...

Ooohh... thanks for the ideas! I love the fishing/lobster theme!

ks1k said...

Just two comments from OLD DAD
1. Do what you and Mark want. Whatever you decide will be fine.
2. The picture (pouty) is wonderful. I LOVE it.

AllBeehive said...

I think that the beauty of the outdoors is all the decoration that you need. Otherwise, look at all of the bios on are amazing ideas in there. Decorating with flowers can be beautiful too. I'll do a search and email some websites to look at.

Dave said...

Hi Joy. I like the lobster idea and net as well. But also maybe you could ask the INN if they have any props that would suit and spark your interests. Shepherd's hooks that you could hang candles or lobster traps or nets, or some hanging plants. We can't wait! Or if all else fails, I can bring my iPod speaker system and you can just blare Counting Crows music.

Dez Ambrose Root said...

Counting Crows????

Just light something on fire! Have maybe two piles of flames, one on each side of the ceremony so it looks uniform. Try renting an orangatan from a local zoo, they are funny & will spice things up also. I went to a wedding once where the priest was wearing an eye-patch, BUT he didn't talk in a pirate voice, but maybe you could make that happen for your wedding.