Tuesday, June 20, 2006

no photoshop

My photoshop program has a little quirk, and I haven't been able to post any new photos. All photos of my artwork need to be cropped, adjusted, etc. and all photos of me need to be airbrushed, etc. So it will be old photos for a while. When I do get photoshop fixed there will be a backlog of paintings to show you!
So for now, here is a mish mash of old photos.
One is of my very good friend Sherie, her adorable nephew, Daemion, and me a couple of Christmases ago. Sherie is the kind of person you meet once in a lifetime, if you're that lucky. The kind of person who reminds you of how good you want to be.
Another pic is of me next to the VW Bug that was our family car when I was little. I remember falling asleep in the back of that car.
And the third is of my wacky kitties. Big surprise. They love the changing of the bedsheets. They go nuts.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have some of the old
pictures. I think that picture of
you by the car was taken the same
summer you got pine sap or gum in your hair. The picture of you and Sherrie is great. It must have been in the winter with those hats. Only you can two can wear them and look good.


ks1k said...

The picture of you by the car is in the campground, Pineta al Mare, in Spechiolla, Italy. The car was a VW, year unknown to me now, and the license place was 2B-501. It was a black plate with white numbers/letter. We could only have one tax free vehicle and they had white plates with black numbers. We had that plate on the camper. B-05597

The VW was replaced with a Fiat Wagon, which we brought back to Connecticut.

It's funny how I remember numbers, but little else.


Anonymous said...

I looked at the pic of you and wondered who that little girl was.