Friday, June 23, 2006

cat behavior

Going through backlogue of pictures still. I found these pics, which I love. The middle pic is of Cato and Clouseau watching a fig beetle on the window screen. You can't see, but the fig beetle is this Egyptian scarab looking beetle with irridescent green body. It was just so cool looking! But the kitties had other plans for the beetle, I'm sure!
The bottom pic is of Cato drinking out of his favorite cup, when it's low, he will shove his head down to get the drink. Clouseau closely watched this behavior, but has failed to mimic it. He will now push over any cup holding liquid, which has changed our habits considerably. Every once in a while we will accidentally leave a cup somewhere, and hear a 'splash'. Of course Clouseau has distanced himself from the scene of the crime by the time we run into the room.
Cat behavior is just fascinating, sometimes predictable, and always entertaining. Their sleeping positions, how they chat to the birds out the window, how they lick eachothers head and clean the other's ears.
Heck, I love Mark so much, but I would never clean his ear goblins with my tongue. I do like to lick his face, though.

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