Thursday, July 06, 2006

new paintings

Well, my friends, forgive me for not posting in so very long!
I have been overwhelmed with wedding plans, painting, and running, etc. Oh, yeah, and working. And I just got used to having one less responsibility. Here are some new works I have done. These scenes are all within walking distance of my apartment, as are most of the traffic paintings I have posted. I wanted to paint the carwash, but couldn't find an angle that I liked until I saw this one. I wanted to paint it as the sun went down and their red neon sign turned on.
I painted another while standing on the on-ramp, and almost got a ticket. I guess pedestrians are not allowed on on-ramps. You have been warned.
The other is a view at the entrance to the ramp. The signs have since fallen down, and have not been fixed in over a month.


AllBeehive said...

Finally a new post! I've been checking every day :) Though i am not as big of a fan of traffic as I am say fields of flowers, you did an awesome job with these. That car wash sign in so great and the traffic makes me tense just looking at it.

saffry said...

Welcome back. I know that doing long distance wedding planning is an extra pain in the butt, even when you're being low-key.

I like the traffic. Makes me glad I'm not there. And like I've said before, I love what you do with the tailights, and the neon sign is even better.

ks1k said...

Each and every new work continues to amaze me. Thanks