Saturday, July 22, 2006

Oh, Boy!!

Here is the new weather forecast for Burbank, and I am so excited because there is an 80 degree day and it has (oh, boy!) RAIN!!! That is so exciting to me.


saffry said...

OMG, was it really 112 yesterday! I wouldn't be able to move in that heat, I'd just want to lie around like Clouseau. I'm happy with our cool temps now, but I'll pay for it when it goes below freezing for four months straight.

paintrly1 said...

I knew that the rain in the forecast was just a cruel teasing joke.

MOM said...

hi joy

don't you remember the summers
in the campground, listening to the
pine cones pop like pop corn?
it was hotter then 112 then---
just a thought for you
it's still cooler than there than


ks1k said...

The day it was so hot in the campground was also the day the air was a funny color from the sandstorms across the Mediterranean. I went from the hammock to the shower and back. Betcha you remember the hammock.