Monday, July 10, 2006

Clouseau and Weak Moments

I am having a small meltdown, but I will be okay.

It all started when we had to rearrange the closets because of Clouseau. Clouseau has been 'communicating' his dislike of the litter box situation by peeing on the bathroom floor. At least it is not on the laundry basket anymore. (I hear all you cat non-lovers' comments.) Cats are very good communicators. Clouseau certainly got his point across. So now there are two uncoverd litter boxes (two cat households are supposed to have three, but we could not think of a third spot), one each in a seperate closet. One has clay sand and one has pine pellets. We are fastidious, nay, obsessive about cleaning out the poopies from the box at least three times a day. We change and disinfect the box every 4-5 days. So WHY does Clouseau still complain?? Kitties like to be so clean, and are very particular about their bathroom habits. We had been using a single covered box in the bathroom. Convenient, just scoop and flush. But nooooo, not good enough.

So we took all the sheets, towels, and coats out of the closets and decided to give away some old stuff. I tried on some old clothes to see if I still liked them enough. Most of them didn't zip or button up. So in my fragile hormonal state, this is apocalyptic. To make it worse, I weigh myself. WHY do I do this? I guess the same reason I press on a bruise to feel the dull pain, and then press again. For the past two weeks I have worked out over an hour a day, six days a week, eating nothing but salads and fish. I count every gram of fat, protein, and carb. Before that it was working out five days a week and eating salads, fish, and brown rice. It seems as a result, I have gained three pounds. And in all I have gained six pounds since March. I don't know why. I eat nothing that tastes good, nothing I actually WANT to eat, dammit. I am so, so tired of seeing super-thin people and wanting to look like them, and never being able to without fasting. It seems so easy for so many people, but not possible for me.

So woe is me, poor me, waah, waah, waah. And I pray that I will either miraculously lose all excess body fat, or miraculously not care anymore.


saffry said...

Don't want to add to your stress, but how old is Clouseau? Could he have a urinary tract infection? Maybe talking to the vet or changing the cat food to a urinary health formula will help.

We also had an electric litter box for awhile. Kept things wonderfully clean, but they break easily under the stress of multiple cats.

I wish I could help with your body issues. I've gone the opposite extreme in my life, and haven't cared enough about my weight. Which isn't healthy either. If you're working out a lot, you've probably transmuted some of the fat into muscles, so that's wonderful. But of course, weighs more. Throw the scale away and be happy!!!

paintrly1 said...

Thank you for your concern over Clouseau, who is only over 1 year, despite his large size. I already took him to the vet yesterday (the vet loves him), and she said that he was perfectly fine physically. I was relieved.
I know that we all have body issues, and I remind myself that I am so not alone. I just had a down moment last night. Thank goodness I have such good friends like you!

ks1k said...

Hi ya,
I lost 30 pounds after I stopped drinking coffee. I think you are a tea person, but my appetite disappeared when I stopped the Java.
I really like coffee, but had to stop drinking it when I was having nosebleed problems in January. I lost so much weight so quickly that I decided to quit coffee altogether.
You are not heavy.