Friday, July 21, 2006

New Favorite Kitty Pic

This is my new favorite picture of Cato and Clouseau. Cato is so expressive. And Clouseau is in one of his usual spots, by the water dish, guarding it as if it was treasure. Right after I shot this, Cato came over and bit the camera lens. I took a picture of it, but you can't tell what it is.
Notice the chewed up Q-tips on the floor? That is Cato's new obsession. He found the box of Q-tips one day, mananged to fish out one, and ran away with it in his mouth like he had just found the most amazing thing EVER. He cried for more when he chewed the last one to bits. It was so fun to watch him try to get the Q-tips out from the flap in the package. Best cat toy.

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