Tuesday, July 11, 2006

weather forecast

is the 10 day forecast for Burbank, which is exactly like the past five 10 day forecasts, and will be just like the next five 10 day forecasts. It's freakin' HOT and I am getting bored and tired of sweating.

Here is one of my favorite pics in the world because 1. it has Boo in it, and 2. because it has snow in it. I miss snow so much! Especially now! Oh, powdery or slushy, the kind with the crust on top, the kind that is perma-frosted to the sidewalk, the kind that swirls around in the wind and tingles your cheek, the big fluffy kind that falls so lazy and soft, the kind that glows under the moonlight. Sigh.

I miss you Boo.


ks1k said...

Nice shot of Boo and snow.
Snow is a 4-letter word.

saffry said...

If you ever want more snow, and I mean up to your knees, blanketing the porch stairs, everywhere you look snow-Saranac Lake has a studio with a residence program. I think you'd have fun doing that.

AllBeehive said...

Boo is so cute!

Amy, that is the kind of snow that DG wants. Hence him wanting to move to Vermont. *sigh*

saffry said...

Does *sigh* mean you miss snow too, or that this is the one and only area you disagree on. Gotta say, I've always loved Burlington and Montpelier.

paintrly1 said...

Yes, I miss cool, chilly, snowy, windy, pretty much any weather at all.

Anonymous said...

ditto, miss you too, much , Boo