Thursday, July 27, 2006


I went for my second fitting to the wonderful seamstress, Lady Jane, who Christy told me about, and there was the most perfect necklace for my wedding dress. And I might even wear it again!


saffry said...

That's really beautiful. So graceful and elegant.

MOM said...

that would be absolutely gorgeous
to wear with that gown. Are there
earrings to go with it?
love it, love it, love it!


paintrly1 said...

Earrings are a one inch single strand of rhinestones. Simple, yet elegant!

AllBeehive said...

Very Pretty. Is it art deco?

Dave said...

simply elegant and unique. i love it. can't wait to see it on you in Maine. OH, and glad you guys are getting rain. you need it worse than us. C U soon.