Sunday, June 11, 2006


Tonite I watched an episode of Nature on TV about the animal rescue in New Orleans after Katrina. I was sobbing the entire time. To anyone who has a pet and knows that level of emotional attachment(that level where you miss them when you are at work and are brought to tears by looking at their sweet faces), the stories in this episode are so wrenching. They are like surrogate children. So, I was speechless and appalled when they said that evacuees were NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE THEIR PETS. WHAT?? That amounts to 250,000 pets that were forced to endure the storm, defenseless, alone, and terrified. Not to mention the trauma to the pet owners who were forced to leave them. The show stated that the Humane Society and SPCA rescued only 15,000 out of that number. But thank goodness for their efforts.
If the National Guard came to my house and told me I would have to leave my kitties to the fate of a hurricane, they would have had a problem. A big problem. I mean look at those amazing lumps of furry, warm, goofy goodness. I am suffocating them with even more hugs tonite.


saffry said...

We decided to evacuate when Hurr Floyd was heading toward our place in Georgia (it eventually headed north and missed us). We took the cats with us, but had to drive FOREVER to find a hotel that had vacancies and would let us stay with the cats. You need to plan ahead if you live on the coast, something that people are finally learning.

Dez Ambrose Root said...

NEVER tell the hotel that you have cats! They'll A) likely Never Know anyway, just hang the Do Not Clean sign on the door, OR bring the kitties with you in the car when the coast is clear. Hotel people are A*Holes when it comes to pets.

AllBeehive said...

I've been meaning to comment on this but it makes me too upset to think about. I can barely leave the fur babies at home during the day when I go to work much less leave them during an evacuation. Trying to run errands on the week-end Gibson gives me the stink eye, because he knows it is his time! Hopefully we will never have to worry about this.