Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I took this shot on Christmas Eve Day. Thanks, Mom for the beautiful centerpiece. We hung our wedding painting next to the tree.

It was a very quiet Christmas Day. Just Mark and me. Opened a few gifts (Yay, I finally have an IPod!). I cooked, and then we ate!

Hope your Christmas was wonderful!


Anonymous said...

the centerpiece is beautiful. Glad you were able to save it.
The decorations make the apartment
look festive.
Did you ever get the second package?

miss you both


Dave said...

I love your festive decor! I would never even know it wasn't New England. I can tell it is in your heart. You mom done well with the centerpiece, and the tree and wreath are exploding with spirit! Nice work! I am glad you are all back at home. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New (ly Married) Year! Dave

Dave said...

WOW, an iPod! Someone must have been a good girl this year! What kind did you get? Christmas is even special with two people ripping open the wrapping, isn't it? You guys are tops! Merry Christmas. ( sorry for the crazy postings all at once - we have more snow :)

AllBeehive said...

It is beautiful! I recognize your new painting on the back wall! Fun.

paintrly1 said...

Thanks for all the comments! I love comments! Happy, Happy Snow, Dave and Christy!

I was a very good girl, I guess. Mark surprised me with an IPod Nano. The black 8G one! Surprised because we had agreed to not spend alot on eachother. Mark is a sneaky one!

Dave said...

awesome! now the fun begins. you can run with it. upload all your favorite 80's tunes and some good ol' marilyn manson! happy jamming!

ks1k said...

Good for you with the IPod.

Mom did good with the centerpiece.

Guess the left coast is off the air for the New Year. Las Vegas and Burbank not communicating.