Sunday, December 10, 2006


I miss my friends.

I miss my high school friends. I miss seeing you everyday in class, eating lunch in the cafeteria, going to the movies, cruising around in station wagons and Escorts. I miss the endless amount of time available to hang out and do nothing but talk and laugh. I miss feeling like I can take a ride over to your house and stay a while in the easy, fun, and accepting warmth of your friendship.

I miss Kitty and the hours spent in her amazing garden, learning about flowers and martinis. I miss pesto-fests on soft, warm evenings with the ladies from Pearl Paint gathering on the full moon.

I miss painting and drinking with the best artists in New Haven every Friday night.

I miss dancing and playing Cranium with Sherie and the most interesting, creative folks in CT. I took for granted how easy it was to find you and enjoy your company.

Thanks to all my friends! I treasure you. I am better for knowing you.


saffry said...

Dancing and playing Cranium sounds like a lot more fun than cruising around in my Mom's escort.

I miss you too. You should probably stop slagging on L.A. so much if you ever want me to come visit;)

Anonymous said...

Joy-Joy, I miss you too.

Mark K said...

Near or far, we'll still friends forever.