Sunday, December 24, 2006

Home Again

Friday, Mark, Cato, Clouseau and I were allowed back into our apartment. The kitties sang to me the whole way home in the car. Everything is fine. Got our Christmas tree and decorated it. Yay!

The only problem was that nobody (ahem, the landlord) had the gas turned back on. No heat, stove, or shower. Boo.

I was not going to let that get me down! We had a fabulous time hanging out and eating bagels and coffee with our wonderful downstairs neighbor, Tom. Yay!

Here is a pic of the cool motel we stayed in. Oops, I mean, the motel in which we stayed. Cato on the bed, perfectly calm, and Clouseau wedged in between the headboard and wall, where he hid most of the time. Also, Cato took some time to study the artwork in the motel room. And here is a pic of our apartment building tented. I drove by to see it that day. I thought it was weird how nobody parked in front of the building. I guess people are still afraid because 4 years ago a building exploded when they fumigated. Eek.

It feels so good to be home again. The kitties are happy! I appreciate a shower so much more than before, and we are ready for Christmas!

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