Sunday, December 24, 2006

LA Is Not That Bad

A little while ago my good friend Amy told me that I had better stop badmouthing LA or she may never want to visit. And I thought,"Oh, yeah. And I do so very much want my friends to come visit!" Seriously, you are welcome anytime. I have a real nice air mattress, and I make killer vegan oat-walnut pancakes.

So here is a list of the good things about LA and Burbank. (Burbank is not officially a part of the City of Los Angeles):

1. Beautiful weather, of course.

2. Flowers bloom year round.

3. You see many, many gorgeous models and famous actors.

4. Stunningly beautiful wilderness and hiking.

5. Griffith Park is right next door. The largest municipal park in the country. There is horseback riding, hidden flower gardens, and picnicking.

6. The Pacific Ocean.

7. Many wonderful restaurants to choose from with any type of food you could think of. Peruvian, Oaxacan, Ethiopian, Korean, Vietnamese, Greek, Armenian, Thai, Indian, Tibetan, Moroccan, etc.

8. Great comedy clubs: Groundlings, Upright Citizens Brigade, the Improv, etc.

9. Transvestites.

10. Huge fancy theatres.

11. Short drive to Vegas, Big Sur, skiing, camping, & mountains.

12. Whatever you are into, anything at all, you will find a club or group dedicated to it.

13. Mulholland Drive.

14. You could go to tapings of The Price is Right, Ellen, or Jay Leno. Ellen and
Leno are walking distance from my apt. "Come on down!"

Well, That's off the top of my head.

I hope that makes you want to come visit!


AllBeehive said...

Don't forget the Urth cafe! That's definitely worth the trip.

Dave said...

Sin me up now! You would make a great tourism savant! That is true, once you stop and look around and notice the positives, of almost anything, it is enticing. Thanks.
Happy Holidays, Dave

Shreeeeeeeeeeeee said...

Oh I'm coming to visit - even without the list. Hopefully this year too.