Saturday, December 09, 2006

Wedding Painting

I asked my good friend Ted Tihansky to paint Mark and I as we got married. He set up and painted as the ceremony was happening. It was something Mark and I always new we wanted. And the result is absolutely Ted, and does convey the beautiful light and magic of the day. We have something that is so unique, is so sentimentally valuable and precious, and will be historically valuable someday. Something we can pass down. It is an immense gift and treasure for us.

Thank you so much Ted!


saffry said...

That's so amazing! An absolute treasure, you're so lucky to have a friend who could do that for you.

ks1k said...

Ted did a super job. He had super subjects though and that made it easier for him.

He sure was hard at work duing the ceremony.

I sent him a thank you note.