Saturday, March 25, 2006

art update

Well, I had a sweet request for more artwork images. I haven't been doing anything major, but I have this oil sketch I did of some calla lillies that I bought to brighten up the apartment for Christy'd big visist! They were starting to die, so I painted them quickly.
I was so inspired by a show I saw last weekend of Sean Cheetham's work at the Mendenhall Sobieskyi Gallery (I can't figure out how to do the link thing.. Yes, I am THAT dumb. If someone would like to tutor me, I would appreciate it very much!), so I am starting a series of figurative paintings which I am using some friends as models. If successful I will have some moody and dramatic genre pieces. I only have thumbnail sketches right now, but I will show you some more realized drawings when they are ready.
PS Can someone tell me if I can reply to the email of the person who left a blog comment right from the comment? Or do I have to post a reply comment on the blog too? Jeez.


saffry said...

Hi Joy.
To leave a link... highlight the word that you want us to click on. On the toolbar in blogger dashboard the button next to the italic is "insert link". When you click that, a pop-up window will appear and you can type in the address.

I don't know if there's a way to find out everyone's email. You can get to mine since I'm registered on Blogger too, but I don't think you can get to anonymous.

AllBeehive said...

1) Your Calle Lilies are beautiful! I love them.
2) You have to come and comment on your blog just like everyone else. You can't respond to the email you get.
3) When you are posting there is a button next to the one to upload picture for inserting a link. Sometimes on the Mac it doesn't show, in which case I will email you the html.

Dez Ambrose Root said...

Wow! I've never seen or heard of Calla lillies before seeing these. I find them much more uplifting than the Chernobyl wheat fields from a couple of posts ago. I love those as well, but these reflect your demeanor much more. I love the light in the upper left hand corner and I'm intrigued by the one lilly who is defiantly facing away from the light for the sake of good composition. Seriously Joy, and I'm not just saying this because I know you & think you're great, you paint flowers in a way that they look exciting. Your website proves this in the garden section & everyone I show it to agrees. I wonder what you could do with a Venus Fly Trap.

Dez Ambrose Root said...

Oh and Saffry, thanks for laughing.

paintrly1 said...

Thanks everyone for the tutoring... I guess my Mac doesn't have the icon to link. All I have on the dashboard is a pic icon, and spell check. I looked in 'help' on blogger, but I couldn't seem to manage that either...oh 'ell.
Thanks everyone for the positive feedback on the painting!
And Dave, any Dead Can Dance is a good choice, as is Lisa Gerrard(the singer) solo work. They are kinda world music, kinda goth, kinda folk. Very unique. I can send you a copy of their stuff!!