Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Before and After

When I drove across the country to move to LA, Mark had literally just found an apartment for us a week before. I moved into the mess you see here. So, seeing as I was unemployed I put all my time into getting the apartment ready for public viewing. Many paint chips later, you see the amazing transformation. We put Venetian plaster on the dining room walls in yellow ochre. It looks so nice (for me to poop on).
Don't worry, that ugly chair is gone!


saffry said...

That looks so great, I love the texture on the walls and the minimal decor.

I had such great intentions for re-doing our old townhouse. Eventually we had to hire a friend to paint the living room because I never had time. We did the downstairs bathroom, but there were paint splotches everywhere that we didn't get around to tidying up until after we put the house on the market.

AllBeehive said...

We are trying to decide whether or not to paint our 2 bedrooms before everyone comes to our house for the rehearsal dinner. I'm still tired from doing the other rooms over 5 months ago!

Dez Ambrose Root said...

I decorated each room in my apartment after a famous person and/or painted the walls in honour of them. In my kitchen I affixed a rope noose hanging from the ceiling- The Ian Curtis room. I call my stove Sylvia Plath and have a patterned oven mit with stuffed legs dangling out of it on the bar of the oven door. In my studio I have a huge red splatter on the wall- The Kurt Cobain room. My living room has a huge splatter all over the wall, couch, and floor- The Andrew Borden room. I gracefully painted a police-style body outline in my bathroom to the side of the toilet- The Elvis Presley room. My bedroom, also known as the Michael Hutchence room, has a noose-shaped sheet in which I pull to switch the light on and off. My basement is of course the JonBenet Ramsey room.