Friday, March 24, 2006

kitty time

This is a picture of a young Clouseau before his substantial weight gain. He doubled his weight in a couple of months. Like his mother, Clouseau seems to love food, and food seems to like to stick around on his little body.
I also have photographic proof of Cato's death choke hold that he used to torture Clouseau with. Poor little baby Clouseau. But he is a tough guy now.
And, of course, a Clouseau sleeping position update. This is an older one, but a good one!
I have been updating my photos and organizing them, and I am afraid to admit that there are more photos of cats than anything else. By far. Hmmm, do we need help?


mom said...

finally got into your blog
have made it a favorite
the boys are beautiful
the girls look great and
mark looks happy

boo said...

hi sweety kittys look good so do
you and mark. missyou loveyou

Anonymous said...

Joy-Joy! It's great to see your updated pics. I'm glad you got to see your favourite band in the whole wide world! That's always fun. If I could see a reunited Cocteau Twins now, I'd die a happy woman.

Dez Ambrose Root said...

Your cats are unbelievably adorable. This one of Clouseau sleeping on his back is a scream! You are great at photographing KITTIE porn. I love the one of Cato playing Dracula, with Clouseau as Lucy. The top picture features an expression I'm all too familiar with and its; "Wow that smells good. Should I, or should I NOT, jump of there and grab me some of that".