Thursday, March 16, 2006

Is this thing on??

Here is a picture of Christy and Mark at Moe's in Burbank. We went there for breakfast Saturday morning, and I was hoping for a star sighting...but, alas, no celebrities. Burbank is where a lot of TV stars live and work, so I see them all the time! Moe's has great food (although my french toast was cold - a very odd occurence). Anyway breakfast was wonderful!
And from later that day, a picture of the svelt beauty, Christy, from the very nice, posh hotel room and our rockin' view of the mall! Notice Macy's and Bloomingdales!
I was wondering if anyone other than Christy is hitting this blog?? Am I all alone??? Anyone...
If you are, please leave a note! Thank you!


AllBeehive said...

I'm listening! I'll tell my parents to start reading. Unfortunately you may just get my dad being a wise ass. His screen name will read Famdamnly.

saffry said...

I'm here too! Sounds like you showed Christy a good time in LaLa land.

famdamnly said...

Hi Joy - nice to see a pix of you and Christy again. And congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!
Christy's mom

dezmodius said...

mark looks cool & Christy looks very hot. There are only 3 mugs of coffee on the table, where's mine? Looks like you guys had fun. I'm jealous. Time to make a pot.