Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dead Can Dance

Mark and I went to see Dead Can Dance at the Hollywood Bowl last September. It was the first time in over ten years that they toured, and I wet myself when I heard. I have never paid that much for concert tickets. I don't usually go to concerts anyway, so this was the big mommy of all big deals for me. We had this great box seat with a little table, so we brought wine, and I made these yummy toasted sandwiches. Got all dolled up, and took a cab to the show. I felt so fancy pants!
The opening band was really cool, but I was too excited to focus on them.
I just couldn't wait for DCD!! It was magical, and they played a varied set with most of my personal favorites! I cried at points, of course, and Mark even said that it was a fantastic show! It was a perfect warm, beautiful night!
I don't know if they will ever tour again, but I am satisfied for now.
Oh, yeah. As if it wasn't amazing enough, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra accompanied them!


saffry said...

So, I have no idea who Dead can Dance are. Glad you had fun though.

Trying to remember my last concert. I'm thinking it was a Lollapalooza where we got stuck in traffic and only saw the last two acts. And I peed by the side of the road. That's what I remember, peeing. And maybe a little of the Beastie Boys.

Dez Ambrose Root said...

Dead Can Dance is pretty much the epitome of music to me. The only thing that would make the show better is if Lisa Gerrard wore something other than her bedsheet. The setlist was tremendous I agree but they didn't play "Cantara" which is what made me cry. I also cried when rude late people with no manners kept walking to their seats in the aisles in front of me. Oh and Radio City Music Hall has incredible sound. There was no opening band when I saw them but both my mom & I were fine with that. These assholes better put out another record and tour some more.

Dave said...

i have never even heard of these guys. what is their sound? any suggestions on music to buy/dowload?
great to see your blog up and running. LOVE the kitties. you are so lucky to have them. I love cats and the way the drool and suckle and just relax. i can't wait to see you and mark here in denver. post more art! -dave