Monday, March 20, 2006


We adopted our cat, Clouseau when he was 3 months old. He and all his brothers and sisters were living in an industrial yard with trucks and machines. The workers there were giving them food and water, but I'm sure they were pretty traumetized. We met all of them at their foster homes, but Clouseau stood out to me because he looked so much like the late, great Cosmo that I fell in love instantly.
Then we were worried that Cato would not accept a new pesky kitten into the house. We did research, read articles, prepared the house. We were told to keep the kitties seperated, let them meet supervised for short periods, Make sure to do this, don't do that, make this toy, feed at these times, seperate litter boxes, slowly bring feeding times and places together, lengthen play times together, etc...
Well, we brought Clouseau home in a carrier, and Cato ran over to the carrier, plopped down in front of Clouseau, meowed, purred, and started licking Clouseau's little face. That was all the adjustment that was needed. They have been best friends ever since.
We were worried at first because Cato seemed to think Clouseau was a toy, and play real rough. Cato would lock onto Clouseaus little neck with his ridiculously long fangs, and Clouseau would let out this desperate cry. Being new parents, Mark and I would race into the room, ready to see a horrible bloody scene. But we would find Clouseau purring and smacking Cato in the face to egg him on for more.
Then Clouseau seemed to think that Cato could nurse him. (Cato is a male) At first, Cato did not know what to do, and would try to humor the little guy for a little while, and just give Clouseau a few good rear leg kicks to let him know the suckling session was over. Cato would then have this soggy spot on his belly from where Couseau had latched on and made little sucking noises. Despite never getting any sustenance from all his efforts, Clouseau kept on trying, even until he was bigger that Cato, and the scene would be even more disturbing to watch. Eventually Cato would tolerate his advances no more, and Clouseau has since given up trying.
Cats are limitless sources of fun!


AllBeehive said...

OMG. That is so funny. Along with the picture of him trying to suckle...what the?!?!

Dezmodius said...

Those cats are so frigging adorable! Clouseau's face looks a little bit too low to be trying to nurse, & Cato obviously doesn't seem to mind. Thats one of many things I love about cats- absolutely NO shame. I'm glad Joy & Mark accept their pet's alternative lifestyle- the true stamp of loving & caring parents.