Sunday, March 26, 2006

Monhegan Wedding

Here are a few of the millions of pictures I have of Monhegan. Second only in number to my kitty pics. The place where we are having the wedding ceremony is right on the lawn of this gorgeous hotel, the Island Inn, which has been immortalized by the Wyeths in their paintings. The view of the harbor and ocean is breathtaking from here. Pictured here is the hotel and lawn, the view from there, the sitting room of the Inn, and Mark and I from the lighthouse, where we were engaged! Not an easy place to get to, but worth the trip!


saffry said...

mmmmmmmmmmm, gorgeous. Do you have some paintings too? I thought the P.H. Miller site might still have some, but it looks like those were of Lyme. How long are you going to stay on Mohegan for?

Dez Ambrose Root said...

This must be the hotel that Joy told me about which features all the hot Polish chick employees which descend on Monhegan for the summertime.
I was just taking a fresh look at "Christina's World" (one of my favs) by Andrew Wyeth and that landscape Does NOT look like Maine. OK maybe Christina was crawling around in autumn grass but I think more Kansas or Oklahoma with her landscape, tan grass & barn. I remember being introduced to Andrew Wyeth discussing his work in a high school art class back when I was obnoxious. (was... dez?... c'mon) And I remember asking my teacher questions like "Wyeth she on the ground?" "Wyeth her dress pink?" and "Wyeth his paintings all done in the same house?" I could get away with those shenannigans with the teacher and I felt the need to punish her in a small way because I was troubled that she had found the paintings sad, & they bothered her. But I found them beautiful.

paintrly1 said...

Most of the paintings of Monhegan are on my website. I will be on Monhegan from Aug14 til a few days after the wedding. I will be there to paint like I do every summer!Then Mark's parents are throwing a reception in Manchester on the 16th of September. That's where it will be the big gathering.