Thursday, March 16, 2006


This is my amazing cat, Cato. Also named from Pink Panther. He is so cool because he looks very petite, elegant, and demure, but he is a goofy, clumsy, sweet lapcat love. He likes to sing songs, take sun baths, and get stoned on catnip. He luh-huvs Eucerin lotion, and cries to lick it off your arms after a shower. He likes sauted onions.
He is not afraid of anyone; in fact, he loves people. I sometimes think that if Mark and I were replaced with anyone else, he would't really notice or care.
We adopted him from a local foster parent. He was found as a little kitten, scared and fending for himself on the mean streets of LA. He now lives in spoiled luxury!


Dez Ambrose Root said...

Jesus! What an absolute heartbreaker! He certainly wouldn't be out of place painted on an Egyptian tomb. Please pet him for me & give him a big wet kiss from "Uncle Dez". He is truly beautiful. What a face!

Dezmodius said...

Maybe I'l put some Eucerine lotion in my chocolate truffles & he'll eat them as I certainly won't. What songs does he sing? Does he know any Iron Maiden? Does he sing around other people? - Or is he like the frog in that WB cartoon. He is obviously talented AND handsome.