Monday, March 06, 2006

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I decided that I should sit down and write an in-depth blog. Awkward typing skills and a general feeling that there isn't enough time will usually take over.
First, I will update you by describing my marriage proposal (and acceptance), which occurred on August 1, 2004 on Monhegan Island, Maine( Mark and I had been madly in love and living apart for 9 months by this time. Everyday apart was a struggle to stay sane, and the times together were magical. We took the rockiest ferry ride over, and decided a walk up to the lighthouse to watch the sunset is what we needed to calm our seasickness.
Unbeknownst to me, Mark had remembered once when I mentioned that there was an old ring in my Mom's jewelry box that as a little girl I had fantasized that it would one day be my engagement ring. He called my Mom and had her deliver the ring to his parent's house, so that when he arrived from CA to CT, the ring could be safely and secretly smuggled with him on our trip to Monhegan.
He then sneaks the ring up to the lighthouse. There is a wind, and the sun's warmth is fading with the light, so we snuggle close and smooch. We were alone on top of the island, and he pulls out this worn grey velvet box. I know immediately what is in it. All Mark said was,"I have something to give you". The fact that we knew we were going to be married had already been established, however, I was still surprised!!! No words were necessary. We floated back down the hill after the sunset. By the next day we were island celebrities. Everone knew (it's a small island). We were 'that couple that just got engaged'.
I love having great stories to tell! How Mark and I reconnected in the first place is another great story! (For a later blog)
Now we live in a great, but old(has character) apartment in Burbank, CA. Mark works on a TV show called Family Guy drawing storyboards. I am working as a personal assistant. Flowers are always blooming, it's usually sunny, and everyone is perfect looking. Yet I still get depressed. I blame the smog and go on cleansing fasts.
Tomorrow is my last day of a two week fast. Thank God! For ten days I only consume a concoction of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The 11th and 12th day I can add orange juice, the 13th, some fruit, and the 14th fruit and raw veggies for dinner. Every morning and night I take a natural herbal laxative to help me poo. Seeing as there is actually no food being eaten, the digestive system reacts very strongly to it. Not too fun, but it rids me of built up toxins and depression!
Till next time!


Roxanne Castaldy said...

I love the romance of your story! Thank you for sharing it--your happiness makes me smile.

dezmodius said...

That is so awesome & such a great great story- right out of a movie almost. I love that your mom cooperated with sending the ring and she must've been so excited! I'm still waiting for my bride to come in the mail.