Thursday, March 09, 2006

Big Bachelorette Weekend!

My bestest friend of all time, Christy, is coming to visit this weekend! We are both getting married this year, so this will be our last time together as single gals. LA weekend! Who knows what could happen!!
I first met Christy in 7th grade, and I really felt for her because she was the new girl. I was the new girl so often growing up, and I knew how scary and lonely it is. I immediately bonded. Over time I've come to know her as a unique, outstanding spirit!
I still cherish this bond as a constant, reliable force in my life. She's the girlie yin to my yang!
Now I have to prepare, raise my alcohol tolerance, stretch my stomach, and dust off the clubbing clothes.


famdamnly said...

You haven't changed a bit. It was great reading your blog. Your fiance is a handsome devil. Great pictures of your cat. I do remember when the 2 of you 1st met. You helped my life by making Christy's life better. I'll check in from time to time

DAD of your best friend of All Time

dezmodius said...

Both of you look as pretty as when Dem & I beat you both at Trivial Pursuit 13 years ago. Hah. (I'm still so proud of that) I love that you've been so close over the years and its absolutely amazing that you're both getting married in the same year.