Thursday, March 16, 2006

recent work by Joy

Here are some experimental work I have been playing around with. I always feel that I need to learn so much more about color combinations and textures. Making a successful 'abstract' painting is quite a challenge. I sketched directly from these bamboo plants that Mark has. They are a little withered, and the shape of the leaves were so expressive to me. I sketched right on the boards I ordered from ASW, and they are nice! They are pre primed in oil or a traditional gesso. Very nice surfaces. Then I used a palette knife to layer colors and carefully adding texture. I am hoping to eventually have a nice portfolio for licensing with this idea.


saffry said...

I like that a lot. Just a few colors, but layered so beautifully. Wish I could see it in person.

AllBeehive said...

Is your web-site up and running yet? You should post a link if it is.

I remember these, but did I get to see all your paintings when I was there? Or are they all stored in CT?