Thursday, March 30, 2006

drawing group

Wednesday night I went to a sketch group in Los Feliz. I went there Sunday, class had been cancelled, but I met a fabulous woman and artist, Jennifer McChristian. We chatted and I looked around her beautiful huge studio that I cannot believe still exists in LA, and has not been converted to a restaurant or slave labor hut.
I cannot express the elation I felt in having met a fun, talented, motivated fellow artist amongst a sea of silicone, shopaholic, minature dog, my Mercedes is nicer than yours-ness.
So I met a few more great artists Wednesday night, including William Wray, whom I instantly knew I would like once I heard his biting, sarcastic wit. Makes me laugh.
Mark and I are going out plein air painting Saturday with them, and I plan on making this a habit. My life is so much more complete now. Among the many things I miss from CT, having a close group of artist friends is one of the top things. I have felt so isolated and stagnant, but now I am coming back to life!
Here is the study I did from the model. It's black and white charcoal on Borden and Riley #410 charcoal paper, which comes in a pad. It's the only pad of grey paper that I have found, and it's great. I use Pitt charcoal pencils from Faber-Castel too, which is the best I have ever used. And I still like General's white charcoal.
This is also the land of animators. Almost every teacher and student is one. So academic work like mine is usually shunned. Oh, well, I can only do what I can, and try to do it the best I know how!
PS Thanks to Christy, I can now put links in my blog!


Dez Ambrose Root said...

That is a beautiful study. I'm not sure I can beieve that animators, teacher or student, shunning work like this. Usually its the other way around. That's cool that you went out to sketch & ended up meeting some great people who inspire you. I've been getting inspired by people who have their shit together and have a real website. I can't even get a picture to load on my blogger profile page. Perhaps its best that way.

saffry said...

That's excellent! I hope you all have some fun together and inspire eachother. I really like William Wray's urban landscapes, and his manifesto.

I'm trying to compare your drawing here to the one you gave us for a wedding gift. Do you remember it? A young woman standing, and wearing a long skirt, with long curly hair. She's been our constant companion for move after move, always taking up her place in the bedroom and reminding me of my dear friend.

paintrly1 said...

Wow, I am so touched and honored that the drawing is still giving you something and is a part of your home. Thank you so much! I remember that drawing. It was of my favorite model, Mrs. Robinson.